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Masham’s Expanding Market – Full of charm and character, a market is more than it’s produce…

There’s something primitive about an outdoor market that can’t be resisted, whether it’s the sensory explosion of smells, sounds and contrasts of colour and textures pulling you in different directions, or the orderly chaos of stall holders setting up and extroverts promoting their products, you’re pulled into the Town’s personality for the day.

Seeking out our market when you’re visiting will give you an earthy insight into Masham. Not only can you stock up on supplies or treat loved ones back home to a gift, but if you perch yourself on the edge of the market with a brew in hand, you can absorb the atmosphere. Enjoy some people watching whilst appreciating the beautiful historic buildings that surround the market and chat to our friendly locals to get the low down on what to do in Masham. There are plenty of independent shops and hidden amenities that surround the market place too, so do explore the nooks and crannies around our town and visit Mashamshire Community Office where we can give you some advice on what to do during your visit.

The present square with its beautiful Georgian houses was created in the 18th century and is still going strong, some say now more than ever. Councillor Ian Johnson (left) tells us, “we’ve bucked the trend in markets, we’ve increased the number of stalls and increased the footfall post COVID, it’s a nice little market. Because we’ve got this large open space, we can have a safe market, people can walk about and there’s no traffic, that’s what makes people feel safe”.

The market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year and there is also a farmers’ market the first Sunday of the month throughout spring and summer. Be sure to add it to your to do list when you next visit Masham!

Don’t forget to book your accommodation, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from to suit varying budgets from guest houses, self catered cottages to pubs, you really are spoilt for choice! Top Tip! Remember to touch base with venues and/or organisers before travelling, to stay up to date with the latest information. Please remain sympathetic to the tourist and hospitality sector as organisations do their best to work through the implications of COVID, track and trace and the current “pingdemic”.

Quirky Colloquialisms with Tosh

Neil (Tosh to friends) is our Information Officer here at MCO and is Masham’s Tourist Information guru. Here he is with this editions QC…

“Masham takes its name from an Angle named Maessa who was a landowner here. Maessa’s Ham meant Maessa’s settlement. The name is entirely English (Angleish) with no Danish or British (Welsh) elements. Angles came to this area starting in the 5th Century AD from the part Baltic coast which is now the border between Denmark and Germany. The British people who were already here most likely amalgamated with the incomers. Some pockets of Welsh speakers survived almost to the Norman conquest. Many names of physical features are of Welsh origin. Yorkshire’s most vibrant City has a Welsh name – Lleodis (Leeds).”

Click here to book your Accommodation

Don’t forget to book your accommodation, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from to suit varying budgets from guest houses, self catered cottages to pubs, you really are spoilt for choice!



Tyneside folk-rock pioneers, Lindisfarne first grabbed the attention of the country in 1970 with their debut album Nicely Out of Tune. There followed a string of memorable albums and chart hits.


TOURISM INFORMATION AT MASHAMSHIRE COMMUNITY OFFICE – Open 10am-3pm Mon-Sat – (12noon-2pm Sundays during August)

We are open to the public and operating in a “Covid-Secure” way for:

  • Walks and maps
  • Local information on places to visit
  • Accommodation info
  • Travel and transport info
  • Advice and guidance on where to stay
  • Public access to a PC and internet
  • Tennis court and racket hire
  • Jigsaw library and second-hand books (perfect for holiday reading!)

Masham on the Map for Biking

It’s not just the Tour de Yorkshire that made Masham the place to explore on two wheels, our locals have been loving the terrain for years and here’s why… The scenery around Masham is quite frankly out of this world and not even the locals take it for granted! What better way to feel connected to nature and the landscape here, than to feel the earth beneath you, inhale the smell of fresh pine needles and indigenous trees as you brush past them on your bicycle? Catch your breath at the top of another steep hill and gaze down at the picturesque scenery below.

  Harry Kitching (pictured) is a young local biking enthusiast and he tells us why he enjoys biking in and around Mashamshire, “I love it because it’s great being outdoors with your mates, meeting new people and it’s a good community of people. It helps me keep fit, I love being outside and the buzz of the fast down hill and jumps.”

 On a clear night the sky is just as beautiful and a visit to Lime Tree Observatory gives you the opportunity to hear from the professionals and appreciate the skyline through their huge 610mm diameter “JW24” telescope!

 If you’d like to get on your bike and ride this year, come and check out Swinton Bivouac’s bike trails or pop into Mashamshire Community Office and pick up a family friendly bike route designed in partnership with Cycopath Cycles. The route starts and ends in Masham Market Place (for those of you that would rather relax at a local cafe and await the return of loved ones keen to ride). Find out whether they uncover the hidden caches en route using the “What 3 Words” app – remember to take a little something with you to trade in exchange of cached goodies ready for the next adventurer!

Hire your bikes from Stef at Cycopath Cycles and he will even deliver to your door! How about that for service? Bringing your own bike? Stef also provides service and repairs should you need it whilst visiting.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from to suit varying budgets from guest houses, self catered cottages to pubs, you really are spoilt for choice!

Top Tip!

Remember to touch base with venues and/or organisers before travelling, to stay up to date with the latest information. Please remain sympathetic to the tourist and hospitality sector as organisations do their best to work through the implications of COVID, track and trace and the current “pingdemic”.


Quirky Colloquialisms

with Tosh

Neil (Tosh to friends) is our Information Officer here at MCO and is Masham’s Tourist Information guru. A fitting QC today as we approach the Sheep Fair…

“Yow is the term used to refer to a female sheep. Think of sow for female pig and of course of cow for cattle. They all come from Old High German. The term is prevalent in the North Riding, Cumbria, Durham and Northumbria and over the border into Southern Scotland – the areas which spoke the Northumbrian dialect rather than the Mercian one. Northumbria being the Northern Anglian

Future Events


Paul Sinha: “Hazy Little Thing Called Love”

18th September 2021

Masham Town Hall

Click here for more info

“One of those comedians who makes you realise the power of stand-up comedy and the respect it deserves as an art form” – Yorkshire Post.


Blacksheep 3/6 Hour Challenge

19th September 2021


Click here for more info

This event allows runners of any ability to challenge themselves. Choose between a 3 or 6 hour option and start running the 3.35 mile laps, when you want to stop, just complete the lap that you are on and ring the ‘finishers’ bell. A BBQ will await all finishers serving the delicious blacksheep sausages.

Masham Sheep Fair

25th & 26th September 2021

Takes place in Masham Market Place (one of the finest market squares in England)

Click here for more info

This famous weekend event takes place in one of the finest Market Squares in England, raising much money for charity by filling the town with sheepy fun and entertainment all weekend. Events include a Sheep Show, Sheep Racing, Craft Market, Wool Competition, Sheepdog Demonstrations, Hand Bell Ringers and more!


Exhibition: “Encounters – In Search of The Wild”

1st October – 31st December 2021

Masham Gallery

Click here for more info

Original prints by Hester Cox celebrating our relationship with nature and the countryside. Her work is based around the dales having lived locally for 11 years.

Alongside the main show will be a mini exhibition from Ian Scott Massie A selection of 10 – 12 works looking at pathways, roads, and lanes less travelled.


Motel California: Eagles Tribute

2nd October 2021

Masham Town Hall

Click here for more info

Motel California is a six-piece live band faithfully reproducing the glorious harmonies and complex guitar parts of iconic Eagles songs along with top ten solo hits from Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Joe Walsh.


Joshua Burnell & Band

16th October 2021

Masham Town Hall

Click here for more info

Having cut his teeth playing the folk festivals of the UK and releasing two albums of traditional songs, Joshua now returns to his original songwriting, exploring themes from traditional folk fused with his dynamic brand of retro pop-infused folk.

 Jenny Eclair: Sixty! (FFS!!)

21st October 2021

Masham Town Hall

Click here for more info

Having hit 60 (but still a year younger than Madonna), Jenny Eclair (AKA “The Face of Vagisan”) confronts a new decade of decrepitude.

 FARA: “Filskit Fiddles Fae Orkney”

30th October 2021

Masham Town Hall

Click here for more info

The new decade marks an exciting new chapter for Scotland’s fabulous fiddle-led Fara, as founding Orkney frontwomen Jeana Leslie, Catriona Price and Kristan Harvey welcome young Highland pianist Rory Matheson to the line-up.


14th May 2022

Masham Town Hall

Click here for more info

Tyneside folk-rock pioneers, Lindisfarne first grabbed the attention of the country in 1970 with their debut album Nicely Out of Tune. There followed a string of memorable albums and chart hits.


Open 10am-3pm Mon-Sat

(12noon-2pm Sundays during August)


We are open to the public and operating in a “Covid-Secure” way for:

  • Walks and maps
  • Local information on places to visit
  • Accommodation info
  • Travel and transport info
  • Advice and guidance on where to stay

Mashamshire Community Office

7 Little Market Place, Masham, HG4 4DY

01765 680200


Mashamshire Community Office

7 Little Market Place, Masham, HG4 4DY – – 01765 680200


Masham was historically a large parish in the North Riding of Yorkshire. As well as the town of Masham the parish included the townships of Burton-on-Yore, Ellingstring, Ellington High and Low, Fearby, Healey with Sutton, Ilton cum Pott and Swinton. In 1866 the townships became separate civil parishes. Masham Moor was an area of moorland to the west of the parish bordering the West Riding, common to the parishes of Masham and East Witton. It was divided between the parishes of Healey, Ilton cum Pott and Colsterdale in 1934.

The area of the ancient parish, except Burton-on-Yore, was known as Mashamshire from the 12th century or earlier.

St Mary’s Church was most likely founded in the seventh century and stood somewhere near the present town hall on what used to be known as Cockpit Hill. The graveyard yielded 36 burials in a recent excavation. The present church while having some Anglo-Saxon stonework and the stump of an eighth-century prayer cross — is mainly Norman with fifteenth-century additions. Masham was given to York Minster in the medieval period but, as the archbishop did not wish to make the long journey north to oversee the town’s affairs, the parish was designated a peculiar.

During the Middle Ages, Masham developed as a very small town with milling, mining, cloth making and tanning industries. The town received its first market charter in 1251. Masham’s importance as a major sheep market is the reason for the large marketplace and its Georgian houses. The market originally thrived because of its nearness to Jervaulx and Fountains Abbeys, with their large flocks of sheep.

From 1875 the town was served by the Masham branch of the North Eastern Railway. Passenger services were stopped in December 1930 with goods traffic continuing until 1963. The station was across the River Ure at Low Burton.

On 5 July 2014, the Tour de France Stage 1 from Leeds to Harrogate passed through the town.

Masham market days are Wednesday, Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday with a Farmers’ Market every first Sunday of the month from April to September.[12] An annual Sheep Fair is held in September. The market place, the largest in the district, is tightly bordered on its south and west sides by ranges of two- and three-storey buildings. To the south-east, lies St. Mary’s Church with its large yard.

Black Sheep Brewery

Theakston Brewery

Although Masham is a relatively small town it has two working breweries, Black Sheep Brewery and Theakstons, situated only a few hundred yards from one another. The Black Sheep Brewery sponsors annual folk festivals. Previous performers have included Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers. The town was also for a long time home to Lightfoot Brewery. this was bought by the Theakston family and closed in the 1920s. The Lightfoot brewery buildings are now used by Black Sheep.

The Masham Steam Engine & Fair Organ Rally has held annually, organised by the Masham Town Hall Association; it began in 1965 to raise money for the local town hall. The town holds an arts festival every two years.

Masham Walks

Masham Circular Walk is a 6.1-kilometre loop trail located near Masham, North Yorkshire, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and bird watching. see more at Masham Circular Walk is a 6.1-kilometre loop trail located near Masham, North Yorkshire, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and bird watching –

A circular walk exploring the countryside and rivers around the small town of Masham in North Yorkshire. The walk includes lovely riverside stretches along the River Burn and the River Ure. You’ll also pass close to the Swinton Estate with its deer park and expansive parkland.
The route starts in the town centre which includes a nice Market Place and some fine Georgian architecture. You head east from the town to the River Ure, where you pick up a nice riverside footpath. After about half a mile you turn west to pick up a trail along the River Burn. The river passes close to the village of Swinton which includes Swinton Park. The country house is now a hotel set in 200 acres of parkland, lakes and gardens. You can visit the estate, explore the beautiful gardens and watch out for the resident fallow deer.
The walk continues past Swinton Moor before picking up a section of the Ripon Rowel long distance trail. You follow the waymarked trail through the countryside to return to the town.
To extend your walking around Masham follow footpaths north from the town to the nearby Marfield Wetlands Nature Reserve. The peaceful reserve is home to a variety of species of bird and includes several ponds located next to the River Ure. If you head south you can visit Hackfall Woods and the village of Grewelthorpe.
Other walks in the area include the splendid climb to the fascinating Druids Temple. You can follow the Ripon Rowel from the town to the site,

you will find an early 19th century replica of Stonehenge surrounded by attractive woodland.
Also near the town is Leighton Reservoir and Roundhill Reservoir. These bodies of water are also located to the west of the town near the Druid’s Temple. See more at –

A lovely short walk to find the Masham Leaves, six stone sculptures located in and around Masham and including some lovely sections alongside the River Ure and River Burn.

Downloaded from –

Summary: Masham holds fond memories for me. It was the first place I got to know after leaving my home village and travelling the country working in the water industry. It was the summer of 1976, the very long hot one which led government ministers to seek the help of Indian rain dancers to break the drought. I have designed this walk to follow the paths I used in 1976 when travelling to and from work and those I used with new friends I met in Masham who showed me the places to visit within walking distance in the local area. I will tell you a few of the stories from 1976 on the way so let’s go, shall we?

The Walk:

Masham market dayMasham market day

Following the Ripon Rowel from MashamFollowing the Ripon Rowel from Masham

Masham is a small market town in the heart of North Yorkshire. It has a lovely town square where small markets selling local produce are held on a Wednesday. Can you guess which day I did this walk? I set off from the village square and followed the route of the Ripon Rowel along Red Lane and past Theakstons Brewery, famous for Old Peculiar. Now here is the first tale of 1976. In those days Theakstons left a barrel of beer outside the gates for passers-by to sample the brew. We, my working colleagues and I often did. Just one of course. That tradition no longer occurs, there was no barrel to be seen as I walked past the gates. From Red Lane, I followed Westholme Lane and then turned left as the road swung to the right to follow Foxholme Lane past the Jameson Animal Feeds factory. After the works, all became rural as I continued along the Ripon Rowel.


Following a good path across countrysideFollowing a good path across countryside

Across the Broad Bean FieldAcross the Broad Bean Field

My walk so far was so familiar. I had walked the path many times in 1976 as I was staying in the nearby village of Fearby while working in Masham. To get to my temporary home after a weekend afternoon or evening in town I walked the exact path I was now following back to my accommodation. I was so full of nostalgia and I recalled it was as beautiful now as it was back in those youthful times, the lanes being closely edged by lush green growth and masses of nettles set just enough from the path as to not sting me. The fields were just the same too, all arable – some with cereal crops and some with broad beans but this time not ripe enough for sampling. If the path had to cross fields the farmers provided generous wayleave for walkers.

After meeting the gentlemanAfter meeting the gentleman

Havernook LaneHavernook Lane

After following the Ripon Rowel across the fields I came to Micklebury Lane and followed the road south towards Havernook Lane. As I walked down the road I met an elderly gentleman who was out for his daily stroll. We chatted for a few minutes talking about the pleasant weather and lovely scenery we were both enjoying. e then parted company and as he continued north in the direction from which I had walked down the road I turned to a south east direction and walked along Havernook lane towards Shaws Bridge. I crossed the small road bridge over the River Burn and soon after left the roadside.

River Burn near Shaws BridgeRiver Burn near Shaws Bridge

Woodland path beside the River BurnWoodland path beside the River Burn

I walked leisurely across a field to the bank side of the River Burn. It is a delightful minor river which originates on Steel House Moor north of Lofthouse in Nidderdale and flows east for about 10 miles until it flows into the River Ure. Following the river for its full length is feasible and would make a good walk; one for the future perhaps. Today I would now follow it to its end.

In the deep and dark woodsIn the deep and dark woods

A clear messageA clear message

I strolled through delightful native woodland beside the River Burn for a quarter-mile. It was a thoroughly enjoyable section of walking with the serene sound of bird song accompanying me until I came out of the woods near to Masham Golf Course. A notice posted to a tree warned me to keep to the designated path. I thought “why would I not do so?”, preferring the natural beauty over the manufactured landscape. After crossing the Masham to Swinton road I continued on the path and keeping close to the river in a direction due east with the outlying holes of the golf club to my right.

The River Burn flows towards the UreThe River Burn flows towards the Ure

Copse near Low Burn BridgeCopse near Low Burn Bridge

After passing the range of the longest drivers I continued alongside the river, ever as beautiful as before. I came to a bend in the river as it coursed south for about 200 metres and then to another bend as it reverted to eastbound. On each bend, I stopped on shingle banks to stand quietly and watch the wildlife enjoying the environment around and in the river. Ducks and Moorhen were abundant here, enjoying their peaceful haven which I dared not to disturb. It was magical just to stand still and observe. After the meandering section of river, I continued on through a small woodland copse where I inadvertently flushed a Pheasant from its hide in a thicket of fern. As a matter of fact it startled me as much as I startled it.

Low Burn BridgeLow Burn Bridge

River Ure near MashamRiver Ure near Masham

On emerging from the copse I reached Low Burn Bridge, another place of the memories of 1976. While staying in the area I had befriended a group of local lads from Masham who, around teatime on a Saturday would walk down from town to Low Burn Bridge and lay fishing lines in the river. Not exactly legal, the river is part of the Swinton Estate and fishing without a license was strictly barred; a carrot of an incentive to young lads. After the pubs closed we would all go down to the river and recover the lines to see what bounty we had caught. I will never forget the day I was carrying one of the ill-gotten trout in my hands when, on passing the first houses in Masham, the freshly caught trout stirred and leapt out of my hand and over a high hedge into the garden. I have always hoped the householders were very pleased with their unexpected gift.

On reaching the road I crossed Low Burn Bridge and resumed my acquaintance with the Ripon Rowel to follow the River Burn on its final stretch to the River Ure. This was via another lovely woodland section of walking which ended where the Burn met the Ure. I emerged from the wood to the edge of a huge wheat field which I would follow around all the way back to Masham. On the field side were plenty of paths leading down to the side of the River Ure. At the first opportunity, I did so, very near to where the River Burn ended to have my lunch. The lunchtime scene I enjoyed is the picture, above right. As I sat on a rock down by the river I watched out for Trout leaping from the river for flies. They did not disappoint and then it happened, one of those WOW moments I so wish for when out walking. As I sat quietly a Kingfisher flew right past me, directly in my eye line. It flew along the riverbank, about 6 feet in the air, past the gnarled old tree on the bank in the photograph before flying into cover just beyond it. I was so chuffed I had stopped in this particular spot for lunch.

Scene of teenage swimming exploitsScene of teenage swimming exploits

St Marys Church, MashamSt Marys Church, Masham


After the thrill of the wildlife spectacle during lunch, I continued along the edge of the field until I reached a certain point beside the river where I could drop down to waterside once more. It was where there was a substantial shingle bank on the river and where I had walked to from Masham with my new local friends on a few occasions during that long hot summer of 1976. It was the spot where we used to swim in the River Ure. I happily recalled the halcyon days when we did so, days which were free of stress and so much fun. It was so nostalgic standing on the shingle bank and looking over the scene, though I was not going to jump in this time. I kept the swimming bottled in the past and the memory recaptured in the present.
Climbing back from the riverbank I followed the field side path back towards Masham, leaving the field and the river near the town sewage works and then continuing on a bridleway towards town. Back in town, I took a little time out to sit on the steps of the village cross in the market square and watch the stirrings. The market was still in a bustle of activity. A perfect ending to a special walk down memory lane.

Things to do in MashamVisit the website here

Events at Masham Town Hall

Masham Town Hall Community Charity – Little Market Place Masham HG4 4DY

To ensure no changes have been made phone  – 01765-689702 or 07939-136082 before attending –

Events from Aug 10th

Paul Sinha

Sat 18th Sep 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Paul Sinha: “Hazy Little Thing Called Love”

“One of those comedians who makes you realise the power of stand-up comedy and the respect it deserves as an art form” – Yorkshire Post So …

Fara 2020

Sat 30th Oct 7:30pm – 10:30pm

FARA: “Filskit Fiddles Fae Orkney”

(‘Filskit, adj: frisky, high-spirited, exuberant; addicted to immoderate hilarity’) The new decade marks an exciting new chapter for …


2022 Sat 15th Jan 7:00pm – 10:30pm


AC/DC GB, one of the country’s finest tributes to the legendary Aussie rockers AC/DC, from Brian Johnson’s own North East, are coming to …

Motel Cali

Sat 2nd Oct 7:00pm – 10:30pm

Motel California – Eagles tribute

We are delighted to welcome back Masham favourites Motel California to perform in the peaceful, easy atmosphere of the town hall. This will …

Lova and Spice

Sun 28th Nov 7:30pm – 9:30pm

“Love and Spice”

Love and Spice from Balbir Singh Dance Company blends Kathak dance, music and live cooking in surprisingly delicious ways. An elderly …

Martin Simpson 2019 (Credit Elly Lucas) sml

2022 Sat 5th Feb 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Martin Simpson

“What’s it like being the best guitar player in the world…?” Martin Simpson’s modesty and grace prevented him from answering this BBC Radio …


Sat 16th Oct 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Joshua Burnell & Band

“We think this is great” – Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 “Perfectly formed” – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music The surprise Town Hall hit of last …

Ultimate 70s album cover

Sat 18th Dec 7:00pm – 11:00pm

The Ultimate 70s Show!

By unprecedentedly loud popular demand, we have immediately re-booked this superb band so you can get down and get with it again with the …

ABBA Sensation

2022 Sat 26th Feb 7:30pm – 10:30pm

ABBA Sensation

Widely considered to be one of the best ever Abba Tribute Acts, ABBA Sensation play to packed theatres and festivals throughout Europe. …

JENNY_ECLAIR-Shot1-034 cropped

Thu 21st Oct 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Jenny Eclair: Sixty! (FFS!!)

Having hit 60 (but still a year younger than Madonna), Jenny Eclair (AKA “The Face of Vagisan”) confronts a new decade of decrepitude. Now …


Mon 20th Dec 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Jack and the Beanstalk

Fun. laughter and happy ever after… Join TaleGate Theatre Productions this Christmas for the GIANT pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. …

Alfie full

2022 Fri 11th Mar 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Alfie Moore: Fair Cop Unleashed

Join BBC Radio 4’s cop-turned-comedian Alfie Moore for his latest stand-up tour show. Fair Cop Unleashed is based on a dramatic real-life …


Perched on the banks of the river Ure, Masham is a thriving and dynamic community steeped in interesting history. Rivers, reservoirs and pastures, woodlands, ancient monuments and breathtaking moorland are right here on our doorstep. Dales and Moors National Parks, cathedral cities and sophisticated spa towns are all in easy reach too. But you won’t run out of things to do in Masham! Here’s a brief summary of things to do in town and very close by…

Walk around town and look for the Masham Bones – the site of 58 skeletons dating from pre-Norman times and find their final resting place in the churchyard. Visit Marfield Wetlands Nature Reserve on the outskirts of town and enjoy some fine bird-watching from one of the hides. Alternatively, just chill out with a picnic while you watch a game of cricket, bowls or tennis at Masham Sports Association. Enjoy the idyllic location next to the river with the Masham skyline as a backdrop. Hire a tennis racket from the Community Office if you have the energy!
Fields and Church - Bill TetlowPick up a walking map from the Community Office and take a relaxed walk along the River Ure following the Masham Leaves Trail or how about a steady mooch around Masham looking for the Masham Swift Sculptures? For more challenging walks you can strike out to the stunning Hackfall Woods and enjoy its stunning location and follies. Or, there are unlimited day-walks through woodland, pastures and stunning grouse moors – from rolling hills to more challenging treks. Maps available at the Community Office. If two wheels are more your thing, get on your bike or hire one from Cycopath Cycles – ride the country lanes and bridleways or complete a section of the route of the Tour de France.

Or a few minutes drive from Masham…
Take a walk around Druid’s Temple and Swinton Bivouac, meet the Swinton Birds of Prey and take in the spectacle of Leighton Reservoir and the grouse moors beyond. Or How about trying your hand at fly fishing on the River Ure or Leighton Reservoir? Or a round of golf at Masham Golf Club? Visitors always welcome!
View to Scar House ReservoirWant more action? – Try your hand at tractor driving – a proper Yorkshire farm experience at Farm Adventures. Or grab your climbing gear – head to the Crags just up the road in Colsterdale or try the high ropes course and zip wires at Aerial Extreme. You could always save your legs and enjoy the scenery with a pony trek from the Masham Riding and Trekking Centre. Or get your eye in for another country pursuit, try clay pigeon shooting at Warren Gill Shooting Ground a few minutes from Masham.



Relax in Masham…

Relax and sip local beer outside one of the four Masham pubs – The Bay HorseThe Bruce Arms and its beer garden with a view, The Kings Head or The White Bear with its sun soaked terrace pictured here. Or sit in the sun with tea and cakes outside Bordar House Teas or take in a unique atmosphere and great coffee at Johnny Bagdad’s Café on the Square. Alternatively, perch on a bench with your traditional fish and chips or your local ice cream and just watch Masham go by.
For more activity, take a brewery tour or two! Theakston Brewery Visitor Centre and Black Sheep Brewery Visitor Centre both offer great insights into the production of their beautiful beers plus a great selection of beers to sample. If you prefer wine, you’ll love a visit to Corks and Cases, independent wine merchant, where you’ll find over 300 wines to choose from plus their brand new “Spirit of Masham” handcrafted gin. Alternatively, hand craft something yourself – switch off, relax and learn a new skill – check out over 180 creative workshops per year that are available at ArtisOn just outside Masham. Beware though – workshops are very popular so book your place early!
If you prefer to mooch around town, you’ll find something unique and beautiful in one of our five art and craft galleries – Masham GalleryThe Nolon Stacey GalleryThe Little Picture GalleryUredale Glass Gallery or The Blue Light Gallery. Or discover a special gift at Birdhouse Interiors.
If the weather takes a turn for the worse, upgrade your outdoor gear at Bentley’s or check out the surprisingly wide selection of ladies fashions and accessories at Through The Looking Glass. No shopping trip is complete with a browse around Masham’s bi weekly Market or monthly Farmers Market.
After all that, you’ll have earned a pampering treat at the new multi-million pound Swinton Country Club & Spa, opening in summer 2017. Tucked away just outside Masham, the experience promises be world class! Finally, you can top off your day with a pleasant evening at Masham Town Hall – there’s a regular film program, great music, comedy and theatre. Tickets available from the Community Office

Feast on Masham Food

You’ll get some great pub food in Masham – sample the unique bear bread at The White Bear or find something to celebrate with a fantastic meal at the acclaimed Vennell’s Restaurant that won’t break the bank! We’ve got a new pop-up restaurant too – Number Thirteen at Bordar House Teas. So keep an eye out for their regular themed restaurant nights.
If you’re self catering, we’ve got two family butchers in Masham – Rogers and Beavers. Both offering a wide range of locally sourced meats and homemade products like pies and famous Masham sausages. There’s a wide selection of fresh fruit and veg are also on offer at No.15 Greengrocer and a range of breads and bakery goods at Masham Bakery or Reah’s which also has an extensive range of cheeses, deli products and groceries. You can then choose be spoiled for a choice of sweet treats or ice cream from Bah Humbugs or Joneva.
Make the Most of Masham is a loyalty scheme to encourage residents and visitors to shop local.

Or a few minutes drive from Masham…
A few minutes out of Masham try the food at the newly refurbished Black Swan at Fearby – now dog friendly too! Or head to The Crown at Grewelthorpe after a stroll in Hackfall Woods. Or why not walk through Hackfall and beyond to West Tanfield and have lunch at the Bull Inn or the Bruce Arms? The lovely café at the Swinton Bivouac (pictured) is also a great spot for a drink and a snack with fabulous walks and stunning views – all just a few minutes from Masham.

For a really indulgent special dining experience explore what’s on offer at Swinton Park – from fine dining at Samuel’s Restaurant, to afternoon tea, there are many treats available. Alternatively, if you love food, you can hone your own gastronomic skills at Swinton Park too – the extensive programme at the Cookery School has an array of delicious courses available!

Activities for Children

There’s lots of space for running off some energy in Masham. There’s a great play area and Multi Use Games Area on the recreation ground. Pony trekking is available at Swinton. Plus more entertainment within easy reach. Check out some of the following ideas:

– Ride on the Wensleydale Railway or the Vintage Bus
– A day out at The Forbidden Corner
– Thorp Perrow gardens, falcons and meerkats
– Thrills and spills Lightwater Valley
– Family fun at Studfold Adventure Trail
– More adventures at Aerial Extreme or Camp Hill Woodland Kingdom adventure park
– Castles to explore at Middleham, Richmond and Knaresborough
– Llama trekking for young and older
– A bit of history at Ripon Workhouse and Prison Museums
– How Stean Gorge for rock climbing, Via Ferrata, abseiling, canoeing and more

For a quirky perspective and great information about what’s on offer in the rest of the Yorkshire Dales check out

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Masham Accommodation – Visit the website here


Magnolia Cottage

Magnolia Cottage a modern conversion snuggled at the end of a short terrace of stone cottages. Comfortable lounge with patio doors leading to a lawned garden. Off the lounge is a galley kitchen and a wet room. Also downstairs is a double bedroom with a second double bedroom upstairs. Wide doors and level access makes this the ideal cottage for those who may have restricted mobility.
Sleeps 4

Magnolia Cottage, 52 Park Street, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4HZ

01969 663559

Bank Villa Guest House, 4****

AA 4 Star Gold accommodation offering comfort with style.
Double, twin, triple and quad en suite rooms.
Free on-site parking & wireless broadband.
All Masham has to offer just a short stroll away.
Open all year. Fully licensed. No smoking.

The Avenue, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4DB

01765 689605

In Masham

Clipstone Cottage

A stone built terraced cottage near one of the narrow yards that give access to the rear of the cottage and the gated, gravelled patio garden. A light, cosy lounge with decorative Victorian fireplace, shaker style kitchen with central dining table, two bedrooms one en-suite plus a house bathroom. Recently renovated and refurbished blending stylish charm with modern, comfortable fittings and furniture.
Sleeps 4 plus 1 dog £10.00 extra
Price £370.00 – £628.00

Clipstone Cottage, Park Street, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4HN

01969 663559

Masham Hideaway, VB 3***

A delightful cosy 1 bedroom holiday apartment with all the comforts of home. TV/radio, bed linen and tea towels provided (not towels). Children welcome but not suitable for smokers or dogs. Parking available. We cater for any length of stay be it weekend break or full week. We also take bookings for mid-week breaks. Visit England 3***

2A Bridge Appartments, Wellgarth, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4EN

01526 343868

Badger’s Holt VE 4****

On the southern fringes of the ancient market town of Masham sits this beautiful, new build cottage. Modern, stylish, spacious, full of natural light, perfect for six people, with private patio area to the rear and loads of parking and small lawned area to the side of the cottage. Badger’s Holt has a large, comfortable lounge, a super, well equipped kitchen, three bedrooms upstairs one with en-suite shower room plus one house bathroom. Walks from the doorstep, few minutes stroll to the market square.
A few minutes walk takes you to Masham market place and enjoy walks from the doorstep into open fields and nearby woods.
Sleeps 6
Price £448.00 – £795.00

Badger’s Holt, Thorpe Road, Masham HG4 4JB

01969 663559


Maltings is a first floor apartment at the end of a traditional stone terrace overlooking an open area with a small green. A cosy, comfortable lounge, well equipped galley kitchen, ultra-modern bathroom and beautiful double bedroom. Oak doors, exposed rafters, solid oak flooring, fashionable furnishings lend a very contemporary feel to this delightful abode. Riverside walks and the main square just minutes away.
Sleeps 2
Price £274.00 – £428.00

Maltings, 3 Bridge Apartments, Crosshills, Masham, HG4 4EN

01969 663559

Stable Block, The VB 4****

Masham Stable Block is a 19th century building carefully converted to luxury holiday accommodation with 3 bedrooms, one downstairs with en-suite, two upstairs with additional shower room, sleeping 5/6 persons. Open plan living area with fully equipped –kitchen. Sat & Wi-Fi, TV, DVD and Xbox. Children welcome. Pets considered. Off street parking. Non-smoking. Close to the Market Square, shops, restaurants and pubs. Open all Year VB4****

24 Park Street (rear), Masham Ripon, HG4 4HN

01765 688321

Daleside Bungalow, Luxury Visit England 5***** Gold Award

Luxury Visit England Gold 5 star bungalow. King size bedroom with dressing & en-suite. Twin or superking with house bathroom. South facing private garden and parking. Central heating and linen inc. Sleeps 4 adults. Freesat H.D. TV and Wireless Broadband. Open all year. Short Breaks.
Not suitable for dogs or smokers.

6 Swinburn Road, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4HU

01765 688277

White Bear Hotel, The 5*****

A high quality 14 bedrooms 5* hotel offering double, twin, and family ensuite rooms. Children and well behaved pets welcome. TV/radio, tea/coffee, parking, wheelchair friendly. No smoking.

Wellgarth, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4EN

01765 689319 Fax 01765 688580

Brewers Den

Tucked away down a side street of Masham is a ground floor flat that used to be part of the first Theakston Brewery.
The accommodation comprises a double bedroom, modern bathroom and shower, open plan living and kitchen area.
Electric cooker and hob, microwave, fridge with icebox, smart TV, free Wi-Fi, DAB radio, DVD player, underfloor heating.
Heating and power included along with bed linen, towels, and toiletries.
Public parking on the market square. Pets allowed. No smoking. Shops and pubs 5 mins walk.

4 Cardinal Court, College Lane Masham Ripon HG4 4HE

07412 677632

Garden House Bed And Breakfast Masham

Welcome to Garden House Bed & Breakfast situated in the beautiful North Yorkshire market town of Masham, one of the country’s oldest market towns and a thriving tourist destination. Garden House is perfectly located just off Masham market place on Park Street. Our guests can easily explore the lovely surrounding countryside of the Yorkshire Dales and the many local tourist attractions including two famous breweries, Black Sheep Brewery and Theakston Brewery both in Masham itself.
Garden House Bed and Breakfast has been newly refurbished by its current owners, Chris & Jude.
Guests to Garden House will enjoy modern stylish rooms with a hint of luxury, fabulous breakfasts and of course some great Yorkshire hospitality whilst being conveniently located in the centre of the famous market town of Masham.

Garden House was previously run as a Bed & Breakfast for many years. The updates we have chosen to do have brought the house back to life without losing any of its original charm!
We are both very local to the area and have always had an affinity with Masham. Chris is part of a local cricket team and has been for years.
We have fulfilled a dream to live and work in this beautiful market town.

1 Park St, Masham, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 4HN

01765 689082 Mobile: 07703 441730

Morton House And The Stable Block

Sleeping 2 – 16 guests in 7 bedrooms/5 bathrooms
Located in close walking distance the Masham market square this 4 bedroom Grade 2 listed farmhouse and attached 3 bedroom Stable Block offers comfortable accommodation for extended families and groups. The property is well equipped to cater for up to 16 guests with its large rooms, comfy beds, open fire/wood burner, satellite TV, games console, parking at the door, private walled courtyard garden, gas BBQ, pets considered. All linen/towels are provided. Cot and high chair available for our younger guests, Special events, weddings, anniversary celebrations etc. can be catered for on request. Open all year.

Park Street, Masham

01765 688321

Old Station Touring Caravan Park

A secluded, well-equipped country park with Glamping
& new for 2019 Holiday Cottages,
On the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, within easy walking
Distance of Masham. Includes facilities for disabled guests,
Cafe & Shop. Pets welcome. Buses stop at the gate.
AA Member of Welcome to Yorkshire
Open March to November.

Station Yard, Low Burton, Masham Ripon, HG4 4DF

01765 689569

Holme View VE 4****

A lovely stone built end terraced cottage, modern and tasteful, overlooking open parkland known as the The Holme and to the River Ure. Graveled garden to the front and flagged patio to the rear, large, comfortable lounge with dining area and wood burning stove, well equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, and stylish house bathroom. Riverside walks just a moment away.
Sleeps 4
Price £365.00 – £658.00

Holme View, 10 The Avenue, Masham HG4 4DS

01969 663559

The Snug

Short Breaks are our Speciality – Our stone built cottage is full of old charm with beams, wood burner, timber floors & wobbly walls. The Snug is furnished to a luxurious standard to provide accommodation for up to four guests, with a welcoming homemade afternoon tea on arrival. Located two minutes walk from the Market Place. Two bedrooms, super king bed/twin & bunk room. Linen & towels, WiFi & Freeview provided. On street parking. Secure parking for motorcycles. Lockable store for mountain bikes. Dogs £10.00 extra. Short breaks from £150.00 for mid-week break inclusive. Children and Dogs most welcome. For independent reviews visit TripAdvisor.

9 Park Street, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4HN

01765 635517

Masham Businesses – Visit the website here

Grewelthorpe Village Hall And Community Centre

Superb Venue for Hire:
Large capacity hall with excellent presentation facility
Licenced for events / free WIFI

Haregill Lodge Outside Catering, Rachel Greensit

Weddings, parties, special occasions, home or away, large or small. All food fresh and using local products where possible.

Ellingstring, Masham

01677 460272

The Barker Partnership

Accountancy, Audit, Personal & Business Taxation, VAT, Payroll & Book-keeping services.
Initial meeting free of charge—contact Fiona Wilkinson for more details.
Masham Office in the Town Hall every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm-5pm
Offices in Ripon, Leyburn, Thirsk, Pateley Bridge and Harrogate

Penthwaite, St Matthew’s Terrace, Leyburn, DL8 5EL

01969 623137 / 07702 551867

Black Swan Inn, The

Exclusive Dining room available in a traditional country Inn.
Ideal for Parties, celebrations, meetings and small conferences.
A range of refreshment and dining options available from full meals to buffets and light snacks.
Full meeting facilities available.
Contact us directly to discuss your requirements

Fearby, Nr Masham HG4 4NF

01765 689477

Swift Drones

Masham based drone services
Aerial promo videography
Property/roof inspections
Aerial photo stock for sale

7 Silver Street Masham HG4 4DX

07756 312427

Mashamshire Community Office

Central Hub for community services and tourist information.
Police Office, Acorns pre-school, Library, Office for Masham Parish Clerk. Liftshare. Photocopying, laminating & scanning services. Public use computers and WiFi. Maps, books, gifts for sale. Posters advertising events in the area, tickets available for Town Hall and local events. Access to Council services –
bus pass forms, blue badge forms, emergency carers cards, bus timetables, trade waste sacks. Meeting room for hire.
Town Hall bookings. Monthly exhibitions by local arts and crafts people in Blue Light Gallery. Volunteer opportunities for office & library. Book & Jigsaw Club.
Open all year round, Monday-Saturday 10.00am-3.00pm.
Sunday opening during August

7 Little Market Place, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4DY

01765 680200

Messrs. R F Broadley

Insurance brokers for all your general insurance needs.

3-5 Market Place, Masham, Ripon,

C & D Nicholson (Established 1986)

Mini-Buses & Private Hire
Mercedes car/8 seater/16 seater minibusses
Pre booking required.

01765 689629, mobile 07703 34917

Ladybird Private Hire (Masham)

The ONLY taxi service based in MASHAM. Prompt and reliable. Local journeys, airports, stations, shopping trips, etc. 8 seater minibus available. Fixed Pricing.

01765 688688

The Healing Collective At Swinithwaite

Encouraging health and well-being with a range of therapies.
We also treat animals with emotional or behavioural problems

The Healing Collective, Coach House, Swinithwaite, North Yorkshire, DL8 4UH

08454 742383 or 07981 908717

Bridget’s Body & Foot Care Services

Foot Care and Complementary Therapies in the comfort of your own home.

Foot Care, Massage Treatments & Reflexology

Also Nails Trimmed, Callus Reduction, Corn Removal,

Fungal & Thick nail Treatment,

In-growing Toe nails, Verrucae, Cracked Heels, & Diabetic Foot care

All treatments are listed on my website

Gift vouchers available

01765 688191 mobile 07719 888440

Masham Hair

Transform your look this season with a new hairstyle. Put yourself in the safe hands of Masham Hair’s award-winning stylist Marcia Sanderson. Marcia works exclusively with L’Oreal products and with over 25 years experience, she is ideally placed to advise on the best styles and colours for you. Monday:Closed Tuesday:9.30am – 5.00pm Wednesday:9.30am – 1.30pm Thursday:9.30am – 5.00pm Friday:9.30am – 5.00pm Saturday:8.30am – 1.00pm Sunday:Closed

8 College Lane, Masham, North Yorkshire, HG4 4HE

01765 688672

Ripon & Rural Befriending Service

Ripon & Rural Befriending Service
Our befriending volunteers visit elderly and vulnerable people on a regular basis in their own homes, taking the time to listen and chat. If the need arises our friendly office team can also provide information and signposting. The service is for anyone living in their own home who misses company is feeling isolated or
Generally at a low ebb following a change in their circumstances. This service is part of the Harrogate Easier Living Project (HELP).
For more information, or to make a referral, please contact:

Tel: 01765 645902

Ripon And Rural Voluntary Car Driver Service

Our volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to offer door to door transport for non-urgent journeys to medical appointments, day centres, lunch clubs, shops, visiting sick relatives and social activities. The service is for anyone who finds it difficult to access other means of transport due to mobility and/or location. This service is part of the Harrogate Easier Living Project (HELP).
For more information or to book a journey please contact:

01765 645907

Jane Caress Ltd Based In Masham — Support For The Disabled & Elderly.

We offer supportive care to clients over the age of 18
designed to help them remain as independent as possible within their own home.
We don’t go to clients for less than an hour, so our clients are never rushed.
We are Registered with Social Services and CQC with a rating of Good and our staff are fully trained and vetted

Every day is different when you work with people. If you feel you could make a difference and would like to work for us in this rewarding role, please contact us

01677 460051 / 07786 924264

Helen Storey – Massage Therapist

Complementary therapies. Reflexology, Body massage (remedial, therapeutic and relaxing),& Indian Head Massage.
Clinic based appointments available in Bedale & Northallerton.

07979 993881, Bedale Osteopaths 01677 425858

Lulu Ferrand – CST Practitioner

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle complementary therapy that tunes into the nervous system, helps in dealing with stress, and release of physical or emotional trauma. It can be suitable for a wide range of conditions such as irritable bowel, panic attacks and migraines.

Appointments available in Grewelthorpe and Swinton Country Club and Spa. Vouchers available.

07887 506163


Pam Walker – Your Local Driving Instructor

Patient, friendly & fun instruction. Lessons for all stages, Pass Plus, motorway tuition. Discount for block bookings.

Charlcott, near Masham Ripon,

07966 807208

Classic Car Hire North – Self-Drive Classic Car Hire

With three bases in the scenic county of Yorkshire, Classic Car Hire North specialises in self-drive classic car hire. Choose from a wide range of British, American and European classics for a terrific day out or short break. What finer way to savour the stunning scenery, quiet driving roads and splendid natural attractions of the Yorkshire Dales or North York Moors than from a self-drive classic car. It’s a great way to explore this beautiful county whilst fulfilling your dream of driving a classic car. Our classic car hire fleet has everything from Morris Minors and Morgans through to a classic Rolls Royce. Or choose from our large range of classic Jaguars including E-types, Mk2, and XJS.
Our site near Ampleforth is run in conjunction with the charity Autism Plus. For more information see our classic car hire services

07788 276309

Masham News – Visit the website here

 July 23, 2020 “Select & Collect” Library Service Masham Community Library “Select & Collect” style lending starts from 3 August. You can access the forms to request books via the links below. Read more information about the new service here: Download Word document to complete electronically here and then email the form to info@visitmasham.comORView and print out a PDF version of the form here to complete by hand and drop off at the Community Office

July 2, 2020


The Community Office building is open to the public once again From 10am to 3pm weekdays and 10am till 1:30pm Saturdays. Public access is limited to certain parts of the building only. You will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entry; there will be screens on the counter and restrictions on handling leaflets and books. Social distancing rules mean we will be managing the flow of visitors and limiting the number of people allowed in at one time. Expect to be greeted at the door by one of our welcoming volunteers who will explain everything, but you may be asked to wait at busy times. We are open for:

• Tourist Information –info, advice & guidance for visitors
• Travel & transport information
• Printing, photocopying, laminating services
• Public access to a PC & Internet
• Advice on Harrogate & NYC Council Services
• Jigsaw library and second-hand book service
• Community Library “Click & Collect” service from 3 Aug

For anyone self-isolating, we can still help with shopping, collecting prescriptions or just someone to talk to – just give us a call.

In phase two of our plans, we’ll be opening Masham Community Library for “Click & Collect” style lending in August and Town Hall bookings and ticket sales will follow. We very much look forward to seeing you.

If you know anyone who is not digitally connected to local news, you can print a leaflet to give them here.

Outdoor Events in Harrogate

Due to Covid always check events are still on before setting off

Welcome to The Nidderdale Experience. Unforgettable holidays are made at award-winning Studfold in the Yorkshire Dales. This is camping, glamping and caravanning at its best, with an idyllic static caravan park too. The enchanting adventure trail and fairy villages are just on your doorstep for the complete Nidderdale Experience, to make Studfold one of the most fun, memorable places to stay in North Yorkshire. Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use by you or any third parties.  If you are unable to find what you require, please contact us at and we will try to find the nearest for you. Click Here for More Details 


RHS Harlow Carr Summer Garden Show – An absolute must for garden lovers, the four day Summer Garden Show at RHS Harlow Carr features special plants to buy, demonstrations by experts, mouth-watering food and drink as well as live music throughout the day. Browse, buy, and pick up advice from 15 specialist nurseries, then enjoy a relaxing stroll in the stunning surroundings of the 58-acre garden. Click Here for More Details


Great Yorkshire Show – Tuesday 13 – Friday 16 July 2021 – The countdown is on for a very special Great Yorkshire Show this year which will run over four days for the first time in its history. It has been planned under social distancing measures and we are continuing to work closely with North Yorkshire County Council Public Health to deliver a Covid safe show. Click Here for More Details.


The Wensleydale Show – 28th August 2021 – Wensleydale Show Ground (edge of Leyburn)

Fun for all the family: cattle, sheep, ponies, poultry, carriage driving, vintage tractors, cars and machines, sheep dog trials, dry stone walling demonstrations, children’s fun fair, bouncy castle, face painting and much more!


Mashamshire Show – 11th September 2021 – Masham Town Hall

The show displays a variety of horticultural, craft, artistic, cookery and baking skills. Visitors to the Show can admire the competitor’s efforts, enjoy tea & cakes, participate in the auction of Show items and trophy presentation.


Masham Sheep Fair – 25th & 26th September 2021 – Takes place in Masham Market Place (one of the finest market squares in England)

This famous weekend event takes place in one of the finest Market Squares in England, raising much money for charity by filling the town with sheepy fun and entertainment all weekend. Events include a Sheep Show, Sheep Racing, Craft Market, Wool Competition, Sheepdog Demonstrations, Hand Bell Ringers and more!


Visiting Harrogate Blog

Harrogate You SHALL go to the ball

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, Harrogate Theatre’s magical family Pantomime is back!

Please take your seats for Cinderella! It isn’t officially Christmas until you’ve been to see the Pantomime! Harrogate Theatre is delighted to confirm that Cinderella WILL be going to the ball this year and all of Harrogate is invited! Dust off your ball gowns and get ready to boo, hiss, cheer and sing all before the clock strikes twelve. Remember that feeling, you’ve taken your seats, the lights are dimmed, a hush spreads over the auditorium and then…the music kicks in, it’s upbeat and fun, it warms the soul and you KNOW this is going to be a brilliant show! Poor Cinderella doesn’t get out much and with her two horrible sisters making her do all the housework, there’s no chance she’ll be going to the big party at the palace. So, when her magical fairy godmother rocks up with a top-notch frock, the most fabulous pair of shoes, and a hot ticket to THE glitzy event of the year, all her wishes come true for just one night!

Join us on a magical adventure as Cinderella dances the night away and races against the clock, all with the help of a little fairy magic and her best friends by her side! Packed with sparkle and festive fun, Harrogate Theatre’s magical family pantomime is back with a bang, and we just can’t wait to see you there! “All at Harrogate Theatre are so excited to be putting the final touches to this year’s pantomime. Tickets are selling fast as the reality that Cinderella is to finally go ahead sinks in. Make sure you don’t miss out this Christmas… it promises to be a ball!” David Bown- Chief Exec “Absolutely delighted we will be back in the rehearsal room this Christmas. I’ve missed the boos and cheers so can’t wait to start creating a spectacular panto for the beautiful people of Harrogate”. Phil Lowe- Director

Panto Runs WED 24 NOV 2021- SUN 16 JAN 2022 Written by David Bown and Phil Lowe, Directed by Phil Lowe. With audio described, relaxed, s

You get an email which appears to be from a friend or colleague asking you to buy a number of gift cards – Google or Apple Pay. The email will usually be from someone you know (their email may have been hacked) and explains they can’t buy the gift cards themselves because they are in a meeting or can’t get to the shop but that they will pay you back as soon as they can.This email will also likely ask you to photograph the cards once purchased and send them photos of the unique codes printed on each card.  This allows the scammer to use the gift cards to make online purchases and needless to say you will never see your money again. Typically the value of the gift cards is in the £100s.

If you do get an email like this, do not purchase any gift cards. If it is from someone you know, ring them to check if the request is really from them and if not then they need to be alerted their email may have been hacked.

If you work in retail and someone attempts to buy gift cards to a large value, please check they are aware of this scam and that they are certain the request they have received to buy the cards is genuine.


Pet Cat is reunited with family after FOUR years thanks to the RSPCA and a microchip

The RSPCA has reunited a family with their cat who went missing four years ago after she was found struggling to breathe just half a mile from where they used to live.

RSPCA Inspector Elizabeth Boyd was contacted on 3 August to rescue a cat that had been found near a nursing home in Whixley, Harrogate. The residents had been feeding the cat for a little while but that day they saw that she appeared to be struggling to breathe and needed urgent help.

Beth said: “I went and collected the cat and scanned her for a chip. She was chipped but unfortunately, the number had been disconnected so I took the cat to the vets and then drove to the address on the microchip in Skelton on Ure. I then discovered that the owners of the cat had sadly moved from that address so I made enquiries which led me to the post office. They were able to send a letter to the new address to let them know we had Nora and within a week, we had found her owner after four long years!


This is the August edition of Harrogate Residents’ News


  • Our new health and wellbeing company Brimhams Active
  • Christmas coming to Harrogate
  • Waste and recycling changes next week
  • Harrogate Street Aid
  • Sharing your views about keeping communities safe
  • ……………………………………………………………………………………….

Coronavirus: Latest guidance

As we mentioned in the last edition of Residents’ News, England has now moved to Step 4 of the government’s roadmap.

While cases are high and rising, everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious. This is why government are keeping in place key measures:

  • Testing when you have symptoms
  • Isolate when positive or when contacted by NHS Test and Trace
  • Wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport
  • Minimise the number, proximity and duration of social contacts

16 and 17 year olds in England have also now been offered a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to give them the vital protection provided by the vaccine before returning to school in September.

If you have not yet booked your first or second Covid-19 vaccine, you should do so as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please continue to follow guidance and stay safe.


Council launches new community health and wellbeing company

This month, we launched our new community health and wellbeing company Brimhams Active.

One of the key objectives of Brimhams Active is to enable people to move more, live well and feel great. And by transforming a conventional leisure service into a leading community focussed health and wellbeing service, we’ll be able to make sure being active is attractive, welcoming and inclusive.

This is supported by our plans to provide the most up-to-date facilities across the Harrogate district for future generations. This investment project will also have a key focus on carbon management and energy efficiencies to contribute to our ambitious carbon reduction goals.

This work has already started in Ripon, and you can find out more in the next edition of Residents’ News.


Christmas is coming to Harrogate

We are pleased to announce that Market Place Europe has submitted an expression of interest to host a Christmas market in Harrogate town centre from 3 to 12 December.

Market Place Europe have vast experience of operating successful markets across the UK and will bring traders from countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy, as well as a number of local traders.

We will now work with the organisers, and our local partners, to ensure the event is delivered safely and encourages visitors to the town this festive season.


Waste and recycling collection changes next week

The Summer Bank Holiday means there are changes to garden waste, refuse and recycling collections next week.

All collections will take place a day later than your usual date so please bear this in mind when putting your waste out.

You can check your collection day on the In My Area section of our website.

Normal collections will resume on Monday 6 September.

Garden waste subscription service update

New garden waste subscriptions will close on Tuesday 31 August for collections which run until mid-November.

If you subscribed this year, we’ll be in touch in January with details about subscribing for the 2022 season.


Tickets selling fast for outdoor theatre performances in our parks

We’re excited to welcome Chapterhouse Theatre Company to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alice in Wonderland in our parks this September.

Star-crossed Athenian lovers, playful fairies and hilarious traveling players make for an unforgettable performance of magical theatre. Enjoy a wonderful evening of Shakespeare’s best-loved romantic comedy, complete with beautiful Elizabethan costumes and a splendid musical score.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will take place in Valley Gardens, Harrogate on Friday 3 September and at Knaresborough Castle on Saturday 4 September.

You can also enjoy the magical world of Alice in wonderland and meet a whole host of colourful characters. From the unforgettable White Rabbit and the madcap Mad Hatter to the terrifying Queen of Hearts. Alice’s journey couldn’t be filled with more mystery and adventure in a show alive with song, dance and original music.

Buy your tickets now for this afternoon performance on Sunday 5 September in Ripon Spa Gardens.

Hurry, as tickets are selling fast!


Harrogate Street Aid launches second tap terminal

Harrogate Street Aid has launched its second contactless tap terminal at Victoria Shopping Centre in Harrogate.

Each tap with a bank card donates £3 to the project, which supports homeless people across the Harrogate district by providing financial help to support them turn a corner in their lives.

Grants are awarded to help individuals get off and stay off the streets. They are designed to offer long-term, practical help that will bring about real change for that person.

Grants vary from person to person, but examples include education or training courses, clothing for job interviews or health and wellbeing support.

You can find out more by visiting the Harrogate Street Aid website.


THE LOCAL LOTTO celebrates its third birthday

This September, THE LOCAL LOTTO celebrates its third birthday.

THE LOCAL LOTTO was launched as a way to raise additional funds for our voluntary and community groups across the Harrogate district. To date, the lotto has raised over £150,000 for local good causes.

With minimal administration and with no joining fee it is a great way for good causes to fund raise. The money raised makes an important contribution towards keeping our voluntary and community sector thriving. It also enables players to support the local good causes they care about most.

60p from every £1 ticket sold goes direct to local charities, voluntary organisations and community groups. Players also have the chance of winning a £25,000 jackpot plus smaller cash prizes each week.

Visit THE LOCAL LOTTO website to sign-up and start fundraising.


North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Philip Allott is asking you to share your views on how to keep communities safe.

It’s part of a three-month consultation on the priorities for policing, fire and rescue and victims’ services across North Yorkshire and York.

New commissioners are required by law to set out their plans for the length of their term and Philip wants to hear from as many people before Sunday 7 November as he develops his police and crime plan, and fire and rescue plan for 2021-2024.

You can share your views on the Tell Philip website.


Come and join team Harrogate

We think Harrogate Borough Council is a fantastic place to work (but then we’re slightly biased).

As well as amazing colleagues, we offer competitive salaries, flexi-time and a range of other benefits.

We’re always looking for new people to join the team. We currently have the following vacancies:

We’re also looking for a number of lifeguards. If you’ve got the experience or fancy trying something new we’d love to hear from you.

Visit our jobs page to find out more about working for us and all the latest opportunities.


Pet Cat is reunited with family after FOUR years thanks to the RSPCA and a microchip

The RSPCA has reunited a family with their cat who went missing four years ago after she was found struggling to breathe just half a mile from where they used to live.

RSPCA Inspector Elizabeth Boyd was contacted on 3 August to rescue a cat that had been found near a nursing home in Whixley, Harrogate. The residents had been feeding the cat for a little while but that day they saw that she appeared to be struggling to breathe and needed urgent help.

Beth said: “I went and collected the cat and scanned her for a chip. She was chipped but unfortunately, the number had been disconnected so I took the cat to the vets and then drove to the address on the microchip in Skelton on Ure. I then discovered that the owners of the cat had sadly moved from that address so I made enquiries which led me to the post office. They were able to send a letter to the new address to let them know we had Nora and within a week, we had found her owner after four long years!


Latest update on incident at Bilsdale mast

An update on our efforts to restore services following the incident at the Bilsdale mastLater today (17/08), we expect to return digital radio services from SDL and D1 from Eston Nab, providing digital radio on those multiplexes for much of Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees and the coast to Hartlepool. We continue to be in constant dialogue with all our broadcaster customers, Freeview and our regulator Ofcom regarding our plans, and updating MPs to keep them informe

As per our previous update, we now expect to have completed the improvement of TV coverage from Eston Nab, and also the installation of a further 15m mast at a site in Arncliffe Wood by the weekend. These two developments should deliver a significant improvement in TV coverage for viewers in the areas including Darlington, Stockton, Catterick, Leyburn, Masham and Ripon. We will update viewers on any action they need to take with further updates later this week. Work on phase 2 of the recovery plan continues. We still anticipate the temporary mast to be effective by 28 August.For further help and advice please contact Freeview at

Bilsdale Mast update

Over the weekend work has continued at both our Eston Nab site and Bilsdale itself in efforts to recover services for more people. The Fire Service were able to access the base of the mast for the first time since the fire broke out and we are now able to begin the process of assessing the condition of the mast itself. There are no findings to report at this stage and we will update as soon as we are able. As reported last week, some television multiplexes (a multiplex is a bundle of digital channels) are now broadcasting from Eston Nab.

We are currently undertaking additional works at the Eston Nab site to allow us to extend the coverage area of the signal to cover parts of Darlington, Richmond and Barnard Castle among others which we expect to be complete this week.

We are grateful to our landowners who continue to provide access to their lands to allow this critical work to take place.


Organised crime gang and Harrogate landlady jailed after sophisticated cannabis grows found at three properties

A Harrogate property landlady and six members of an organised crime gang from London have been jailed for a total of 28 years and 11 months after cannabis farms were found in three Harrogate rental properties.

The sentences follow a complex investigation after police in Harrogate were called to a disturbance in Alexandra Road on 26 September when vehicles left a trail of cannabis debris in the street.

Two of the vehicles involved, including one loaded with cannabis, were tracked heading south and was intercepted by Hertfordshire Police. A search of the vehicle resulted in officers seizing around £300,000 worth of cannabis.

At the same time, police officers in Harrogate searched a house in Alexandra Road that turned out to be owned by Yoko Banks, a 73-year-old Harrogate property landlady. Inside they found an established cannabis grow along with equipment including an electrical wiring and security system.

A search of further properties owned by Banks revealed two more cannabis farms in Woodlands Road and Somerset Road . In total police seized cannabis with a street value of up to £240,000 from the three properties.

The houses had been rented out to a third party who then sub-let them to the organised crime gang, with Banks expecting to make thousands of pounds from the arrangement.

Albanian nationals Visar Sellaj, 33, of Newnham Road, London and the ring-leader of the gang, was jailed for six years and nine months; Kujtim Brahaj, 50, of Wellington Road, Enfield, was jailed for three years and two months, Indrit Brahaj, 27, of Whitings Road, Barnet was jailed for four years and four months; Bledar Elezaj, 36, of no fixed address was jailed for three years, Erblin Elezaj, aged in his 30s, also of no fixed address was jailed for five years and two months. All five were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Friday 13 August. Andi Kokaj, 23, of no fixed address, was jailed for three years on Monday 16 August.


Police called to Pateley Bridge on Saturday after a group of men were fighting on the High Street. The incident happened early evening on Saturday 14 August 2021. Members of the public of the public saw a group of men fighting in the street. One man suffered head injuries that needed treatment.

A 22-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident. He has since been released under investigation while enquiries continue. Members of the public used smartphones to take images of what happened. Police are keen to see images of the incident and are particularly interested in finding out how the incident started and what happened initially.If you have any information about this incident or have any images please call 101, choose option 2 and dial 30820.


14.8.21 Rob Hunters post match thoughts following our win over Hemsworth BY KNARESBOROUGH TOWN AFC – CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


New report shows air quality has improved across the Harrogate district

While monitoring results have been improving for a number of years, this is the first year that all four air quality management areas in Bond End and York Place Knaresborough, Skellgate Ripon and Woodlands Junction in Harrogate have reduced to below the nitrogen dioxide national air quality objectives set by the government.

This year the borough council have:

  • carried out a trial of low cost sensors in AQMA’s
  • introduced a car club in Harrogate town centre
  • worked on the implementation of the Ultra-Low Emissions (ULEV) Strategy, with phase one funding secured

The report, which has been sent to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for approval, will be published on the council’s website in due course.

Councillor Phil Ireland, the cabinet member for carbon reduction and sustainability, said: “It’s positive that annual reading for nitrogen dioxide is below the national air quality objectives.

“We’re keen to remain at this level, or better still continue to improve, and have a number of actions as part of our air quality action plan.

“These include working with HGV, bus, and taxi providers to improve the quality of their fleet, our ultra-low emission vehicle strategy as well as air quality campaigns and education. We will also continue to trial our low cost automatic sensors.

“We are optimistic that the improvements in air quality will continue post Covid, as many people have embraced a hybrid model of working at home and in the office.

“We will also continue working with our transport planners, fleet manager, and our colleagues in North Yorkshire County Council’s public health and highways teams to monitoring air quality and tailor our action plan accordingly.”

Local authorities have a statutory duty under the Environment Act 1995, Part IV to produce an annual air quality status report


Harrogate Theatre Safety Update

As capacity restrictions are lifted, and more events are starting to take place, Harrogate Theatre wants to ensure our audience members feel secure and comfortable attending performances.

We currently work alongside The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) & UK Theatre’s “See it Safely” campaign guidelines and offer sanitiser, temperature checks and the opportunity, if you wish, to check into the venue with an NHS QR code.

We also request using e-tickets wherever possible to reduce physical contact.

Moving forward, Harrogate Theatre is updating its Terms and Conditions, not only to protect customers but also our staff. We are therefore requesting the following for all performances:

• We ask that all audience members bring with them proof of double-vaccination OR a recent negative lateral flow test OR natural immunity via an Antibodies Test.

• Proof of full vaccination should you have received both doses at least 14 days prior to your performance time. You can present this certification via the NHS COVID Pass within the NHS App, or internationally recognised equivalent. If you do not have a smart phone, please click here for details of how to request an NHS COVID Pass letter. Your vaccination card will also be sufficient.

• Present proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test via the NHS COVID App or a text message or email from the NHS Test and Trace. This test must be taken within 48 hours of your performance time.

• Should you have natural immunity based on a positive PCR test taken within 180 days of the performance, please present this proof via the NHS COVID Pass within the NHS App.

Please note that this only applies to audience members aged 18 and over. Attendees under the age of 18 will be asked for verbal confirmation (by them or by a parent or guardian on their behalf) that they have not received a positive test for COVID-19 and are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

We also request that face coverings are worn, unless exempt, whilst entering our venues, whilst moving around the venues, toilets and bars, but whilst seated face coverings may be removed.

Harrogate Theatre will continue to monitor the situation and updated information can be found on our website click here.


Work starts on new single Council

Work is beginning towards the creation of a new single council to provide all local services for everyone in North Yorkshire.

The Government has given the go-ahead for the existing eight councils – the county, district and borough councils – to be replaced from spring 2023 by one council, bringing together all services, from planning, roads and housing to health, leisure, culture and more, enriching lives and offering opportunities.

So what will this mean for you?

The single council will be easier for everyone – residents and businesses – with all local services joined up and delivered by one dedicated team, bringing together the best of county and districts.

People will be able to find any information they need from a single website.

They will be able to call a single number with any issues.

And they will have a single councillor to whom they can take their concerns.

All of this will be available where they live, as the single council will put local decision-making and local delivery of services at the heart of the county with:

  • a main office in each former district area, offering face-to-face expertise and advice on a broad range of public services as well as meeting space to support local decision-making and democracy.
  • a supporting network of 30 additional customer access sites, which will offer people the opportunity to get advice and support in, or as close as possible to, where they live or work.
  • 25 community networks based around market town areas with the voluntary sector, community members and partners like the police, fire and NHS coming together to drive local change, enterprise and solutions.
  • greater powers and funding passing to parish and town councils, for those that would welcome it.
  • six powerful area constituency committees providing greater transparency, holding the new North Yorkshire council to account, and using delegated powers to make decisions in areas including local planning, licensing, public rights of way, highways and potentially others.

County council leader Cllr Carl Les has shared his views on the wide-ranging ways in which everyone can benefit. He says:

“In North Yorkshire, we are famous for our straight talking so I want to be clear on what an opportunity we have before us.

“Government has given the green light for a new single council, which will deliver all local services to every household in the county from spring 2023. Not in itself perhaps the most exciting line on earth – but the benefits this approach will bring are real and must not be underestimated.

“Put simply, that’s eight councils, with a wealth of dedicated and skilled staff between them, coming together to form one focused workforce, joining up all those services that will make life easier for everyone.

“Aligning things like planning, broadband, highways and housing to build stronger communities. Joining up job opportunities with education and skills. Support for families with health, leisure and cultural offers.

“The chance to enrich and improve the lives of very many people here and offer residents everywhere a fairer future.

“It will also save tens of millions that can be ploughed back into strengthening public services and empowering communities to drive and deliver on what matter most to them.

“So we are rolling up our sleeves because alongside all the essential business as usual priorities, we will be continuing our good work with town and parish councils and community groups.

“We will be pursuing the benefits of devolution to ensure that our great county can play its full role as a rural powerhouse, punching its weight nationally and regionally and flying the flag for our county, a place we are all proud to call our home.

“So, whatever your view on the timing of, detail or context for big changes to how services are future-proofed here, please come together as one to help deliver the very best for every single person in the county. Team North Yorkshire is resilient, caring and focused. Let’s show the nation what we can do. Thank you.”

Find out more about the single council.


Olympic double gold medallist Adam Peaty to make splash with young swimmers at Ashville

Swimming superstar and soon-to-be Strictly Come Dancing 2021 contestant, Adam Peaty MBE, will be swapping the Olympic pool in Tokyo for one in Harrogate where he will be inspiring the next generation of world-beating athletes.

Adam Peaty, who claimed Team GB’s first gold medal in this summer’s Tokyo Olympics and went on to win another gold and a silver, making him the most successful British swimmer in more than a century, is bringing his Race Clinic to Ashville College on Monday, August 23.

The sell-out event, which is being staged in the College’s Sports Centre, is one of ten taking place across the UK, and the only one in Yorkshire.

Being held for swimmers aged eight to 17, Adam and his team have created the ultimate inspirational day, bringing together support for both athletes and parents to have the best experience possible on their swimming journey.

Adam Peaty won the gold medal in the 100m breaststroke at the 2016 Summer Olympics and made history last month by becoming the first British swimmer ever to retain an Olympic title. He is also an eight-time World Champion, a 16-time European Champion, and a three-time Commonwealth Champion.

Adam Peaty’s appearance at Ashville College comes just weeks after one of the biggest names in world ballet, Wayne Sleep, also visited the independent school which was hosting the Yorkshire Ballet Seminars.

The Adam Peaty Race Clinic features three ‘swim stations’:

  • Station 1: ‘Breaststroke technique station & Pull Out’ station led by Adam Peaty and Edward Baxter, a British swimming champion and record holder.


  • Station 2: A ‘Land’ session led by Robert Norman, who is Adam Peaty’s gym coach. There will be a heavy focus on injury prevention.


  • Station 3: The ‘Racing Edge’ Station led by Tim Shuttleworth, who competed in the men’s 1500m freestyle event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He will give insights on how to gain the mental edge necessary to compete successfully.

After the practical training sessions of each swim clinic, Adam enjoys sharing his lessons, wins, losses, and biggest learning experiences with the course participants. The day normally finishes with a Q&A session.

The aim of the Race Clinics is to “make it something that people had never seen before and do something that is often missed out in the swimming world… teaching young swimmers how to race”.

Duncan Archer, Head of Swimming, Athletics and Sports Development at Ashville, said: “Adam is a national hero, one of our greatest ever Olympians, and an inspiration for young swimmers keen to emulate his success in the pool.

“A few short weeks ago, he was in the Olympic pool, in Tokyo, and soon he’ll be in our pool!”

Anna Rakusen-Guy, Ashville’s Events and Lettings Manager, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Adam and his team have chosen Ashville for one of their ten race clinics, and the only one in Yorkshire.

“Our sports facility, which includes a heated 30m swimming pool, are used by a variety of different sports clubs and individuals throughout the year.

“Over the years, they have been home to a number of different sport camps, including the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy, the Louis Smith Gymnastics Academy, plus others coaching rugby, netball and hockey.”

For more information about Ashville College, please visit or call 01423 566358.

Founded in 1877, Ashville College is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged two to 18 years. It is located in the North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, and consists of Ashville Acorns Pre-Prep and Ashville’s Prep School, Senior School and Sixth Form. Ashville College is a member of the HMCBSAISC, and NEASC, and an associate member of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust.


Harrogate street to trial Cycling active travel measures

A pioneering trial to enhance Harrogate’s vision for sustainable transport is to be introduced on Victoria Road.

As part of the upcoming Otley Road cycle route, North Yorkshire County Council highways team is to implement an 18-month trial for a one-way filter lane on Victoria Road.

The proposal recognises sustainable travel links to the town centre from the West of Harrogate, along with the schemes on Victoria Avenue and Harrogate town centre, to be delivered through the Active Travel Fund and Transforming Cities Fund early next year.

“This addition to the existing active travel schemes in Harrogate demonstrates our commitment to encouraging sustainable transport to ease congestion and to improve air quality,” said County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access.

“Like the trial on Beech Grove, we look forward to receiving the views of residents during the course of this experimental order. Those views will be taken into account as part of an ongoing review of the scheme.”

The proposal is intended to simplify traffic movements at the junction between Victoria Road and Otley Road and to improve safety. Vehicles will be prevented from leaving Victoria Road on to Otley Road.

Existing parking restrictions in the area will remain, a barrier will be placed at the junction, and one-way only and no entry signs will be installed.

Victoria Road will continue to be accessible to residents, their visitors, deliveries, emergency vehicles, refuse collections and taxi / private hire vehicles.

Local member Councillor Richard Cooper said: “A large proportion of greenhouse gases come from transport which is why I support measures such as active travel schemes that encourage or persuade people to leave their cars at home more often.

“Residents’ feedback must be listened to, alongside that from Beech Grove, and I look forward to seeing the effect of the proposals on traffic levels in conjunction with the new cycleway on Otley Road. That feedback needs to be taken over a sensible period once motorists have had chance to get used to the new road priorities.”

A consultation with residents started today (August 13), with a view to the trial beginning in September.

As this is an experimental scheme the public will have a six-month period to share their views. The County Council will then consider whether to make it permanent, extend the experiment or set it aside.

Any comments should be emailed to


Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity – Have you got your tickets for our Summer BBQ? – FLASH SALE


Purchase your tickets before midnight Wednesday 18 August and you could win 2 x Castle Howard Proms 2021 tickets – Saturday 21 August 2021!

Purchase your tickets by clicking on the button below or emailing:

If you are looking for an event for you, your friends and family to come together, have fun, relax and celebrate whilst supporting a fantastic local charity – then we have the perfect event for you! Join us for our very special Summer BBQ, Sunday 29 August 2021 at Harrogate Railway Athletic F.C, 12 noon – till late. We have an incredible live music event programme giving a festival vibe, a licensed bar, donkey rides, face painting, an ice cream van and much more! We hope you can join us for a lovely fun filled summers day!



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